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Ritchie Teeter, a seminal musician involved in the inception of New York punk rock, died on April 10th at the age of 61.

Ritchie leaves behind a legacy of music spanning four decades, most notably represented by his work in the 70s and early 80s as the drummer and sometime vocalist for The Dictators and VHF. His varied career also includes touring with Twisted Sister and working with Tom Verlaine, the lead guitarist of Television, on his solo album "Dreamtime." Ritchie can also be heard belting out a version of "Shout" in the opening credits of Barry Levinson's classic film "Diner".

One of Ritchie's great passions in life was to help budding musicians realize their dreams and potential, outfitting them with the gear and knowledge to lead them to success. His family believes that the most appropriate way to honor his memory is to help launch the creative endeavors of the young artists he loved the most: his youngest daughter Caitlin Condy, his niece Amanda O'Brien, and his nephew Alex Fleming.

The Ritchie Teeter Memorial Fund is being administered by his brother Cliff and his eldest daughter Erin. They both encourage you to contact them with any questions, concerns, or comments you may have about this site and the fund. Stories about and memories of Ritchie are always welcome too. Thank you for visiting our site and helping us celebrate his life and legacy with your donation.

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